What is Masader and its benefits?


Masader is the trade mark of Oman Virtual Science Library, which provides seamless access to large-scale global knowledge products at a competitive cost. “Masader” will be available for universities, colleges, academic and research institutions affiliated with the Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN). These research materials will be provided from renowned international libraries and publishers through a unified single sign-on point. In addition to its being a hub for collecting and comparing various electronic resources, including full-text, literature, databases, multimedia and catalogs, Masader will deliver support services to users, including training and technical support.


- Boost progress in various fields, including scientific research, learning and creativity in general.

- Contribute to the preparation of Omani future generations to keep up with the privileged information environment.

- Offer seamless access to resources for the largest number of users across the Sultanate. 


What services does Masader Portal provide?  



- The Portal provides access to multidisciplinary topic-wise resources, from business and administration, to arts and architecture, from Arabic studies to energy and power generation.



How to subscribe to Masader Portal?


The portal does include subscription. However, subscription to projects is available through affiliation with the Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN).



Is Masader free or for subscription fee?


Membership is only for affiliated institutions. Sign-on through these institutions is available via subscription.


What about partners?


The Research Council (TRC)

The Oman Research and Education Network (OMREN)

Oman Telecommunications Company (Omantel)


Are individual subscriptions available?

 No, membership is only for institutions affiliated with the project.


Which disciplines Masader includes?


Masader includes multidisciplinary resources:


- Humanities

- Arts and Architecture

- Applied Sciences and Technology

- Natural Sciences

- Social Sciences

- Business Administration


How to contact Masader?