Using modern digital library technologies, Masader will advance research, learning, innovation, and the public good. Our aspiration is to make a meaningful contribution to realising Oman’s 2040 vision – where research, technology, and innovation form the basis of a productive and competitive knowledge-based economy. In addition, we aim to help prepare future generations of Omanis for the information environment of the 21st century.

Ultimately, Masader will enable greater breadth and depth in research that leads to scientific development, economic diversity, and the growth of Oman as a nation. To achieve this, the virtual library will:

>     Serve as a gateway to global resources that are vital to research and scholarship.
>     Work with key partners to constantly improve Oman’s access to the universe of knowledge.
>     Ensure the longstanding legacy of our content remains relevant as technologies evolve.
>     Explore other practices and services that expand access to resources and open new opportunities for research, teaching, and learning.

Our values

Inspiration – many of our resources focus on subjects and themes that have advanced human knowledge through the ages. Masader seeks to inspire a thirst for knowledge and understanding that can make a powerful contribution to the continued advancement of mankind.

Collaboration – we work with several partners, particularly OMREN and its member institutions. With these and new strategic partners, we seek to strengthen Masader, extending its reach, depth, and effectiveness.

Accessibility – we want Masader to be available to as many people as possible, and across the Sultanate of Oman. Although primarily intended for the academic community, there are no restrictions to access, the only requirement being membership of OMREN, which is open to all public and private institutions engaged in research and educational activities. 

Masader is a resource that can benefit everyone, from students and teachers to entrepreneurs – available at the office, the classroom or laboratory, at home – even at a coffee shop.